Saturday, June 3, 2017


On Day #4 our ship was docked in Caudebec-en-Caux. We boarded buses for a trip to the seaside harbor of Honfleur. The bus turned off the main highway to travel through some small villages where we could see some traditional thatched roof homes with Iris planted along the ridgeline.

I fell in love with Honfleur, and again thought that it would be wonderful to rent a place and stay there for a period of time. We had a short walking tour of the city and learned a lot of its history.

This harbor scene is the subject of many paintings. 

The Cock and the Ass Shop

The bench reminds me of a work by Picasso 

A view from the quay at the harbor opening. Boats must wait for a draw bridge to open to head out to the mouth of the Seine River. There is a set of locks beyond the bridge so the water in the harbor is not impacted by the strong tides.

Narrow streets and leaning buildings

Gate going into the ancient jail, or perhaps I should write gaol

Advertising sea sickness medication

If you look at images of Honfleur posted online you will find many just like this

As I recall, the half timber framed walls indicate older buildings, as this was the  style in the 19th century and earlier. Timbers were used to create the structure that was filled in with wattle & daub, branches (sometimes woven) covered with a clay and straw mixture.  Later construction used bricks or cobbles as the inset. Walls, both interior and exterior, were often coated with plaster, board or tiles.

A pretty restaurant

The highlight of the visit to Honfleur, at least for Mr. Dreamy, was a stop at one of the seafood shops where they served a half-dozen oysters and a glass of wine for 10 Euro.... my glass of wine was only 3 Euro.... I'm not an oyster person!


What thoughts do you have?

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