Sunday, June 4, 2017

Along the Seine

The Seine River has three locks between Paris and the mouth of the river at Honfleur. Here we are approaching one of the locks. 

We are slowly pulling into the lock, moving under the gate. This is called a guillotine lock.

The captain keeps a close eye on the ship and the sides of the lock. This ship has electric motor pods fore and aft, powered by a diesel generator up front. The controls let the captain swivel the motors in whatever direction he needs to control the ship's movement.

This is the lock master's house. It has signs pointing either direction, showing the distance to the locks east and west of this one. 

The crew hops off to do a little cleaning

The gate drops down behind us

There are controls on both sides of the boat, and off we go.

Heading downstream....


  1. Looks interesting, I would like to join you. The Seine, a ship, locks, it all looks good.

  2. You guys are having so much fun! I just looked at the pictures from Honfleur and they are so great, such an old place. I miss that often, living in the U.S.

    1. We had fun. Now, we are paying for it. We are up to our eyeballs in work. We are going to put our house on the market, and we have sooooo much to do. Ugh!


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