Monday, June 26, 2017

Countdown - Week 5

I mentioned that my son and DIL purchased a house and moved. What I didn't share was the amazing timeline for this major life change!
  • May 15: bid put in on the house
  • May 16: bid accepted
  • May 19: closing
  • June 5: packers arrive at their condo
  • June 6: movers load up and deliver furniture and boxes, the family spends the night at their new home.
  • June 8: unpackers attack the mountain of boxes AND.... mom and dad arrive.
  • June 9: unpackers complete their work.
  • June 10: son and DIL host a 2nd Birthday party for Alexis, inviting 12 family and friends.
  • June 15: their condo goes "live" on the market, with fresh paint, new carpet and staged furniture. 
Wow! What a crazy schedule they endured! Oh, and they still kept working - some days from home, but others at their offices. Amazing! Things move a bit faster in San Francisco!

And, on the home front this week:
  • I caulked around the basement windows where the old caulking had cracked.
  • I finished sorting through everything but the basement, garage and our closet. - oh, and the barns. But, a lot of that is Mr. Dreamy's stuff and he has to make decisions on that.  I have "Sell" and "Not for Sale" Post-its everywhere! Soon we will have price tags on our belongings!

  • The baseboards in the basement were painted. 
  • I rearranged the storage area in the basement, consolidating the "keep" items in one corner and dragging out items for the Estate Sale folks who spent hours laying things out and pricing. Of course I found boxes that we had packed years ago that were never opened. What surprises and treasures were discovered therein! Here is one of those treasures!
  • Once I had shelves cleared I rearranged them to make more room in the storage room for the sale. 
  • Mr. Dreamy flew to Florida to check on our property, progress on the pavers, and to celebrate his mother's 95th Birthday with family.

It takes a lot of help to blow out a lot of candles!
  • Volunteers for "The Son & Reins Ranch", the equine therapy program run by our housesitter (and whose extra horses we keep on our property) spent about 4 hours doing chores. They stretched some of the fencing wires, and restapled where needed. They took down some mesh fencing that one of their horses had bent beyond description trying to get to the greener grass on the other side of the fence. They power washed stall mats and reinstalled them. The mowed the round pen and trimmed a bit under fencing and around the barn. And they power washed the front and side of the barn. Wow! They accomplished a lot!
  • I took 5 bags of clothing to the Salvation Army, and I have bagged more garbage than I am allowed to put out for collection. We will be getting a dumpster closer to the sale date, so I guess it will have to wait until then.
  • I printed out any information I had about my dad's art and some of our own, and taped it on the pictures.
  • I packed 17 boxes and moved those, and others, out to the big barn. The pile is growing bigger!

  • I made three trips to my dad's to bring paintings and stuff back to the house .... or was it only two? Or maybe it was four?!
The theme song for this week is....

But let's change the words a bit....

When I wake up, well I know I'm gonna be

Sorting, packing, and hauling a box or two.
When I go out, yeah I know I'm gonna be
Moving things around like a moving crew.
In the evening , well I know I'm gonna be
Hunting in this mess for the corkscrew.
And if I find it, yeah I know I'm gonna be
Enjoying a glass of wine, or maybe two!

For I have walked 10,000 steps
And I might have walked 10,000 more
And I've climbed the steps at least 20 times
No wonder I'm so gosh darned sore!

Doing the packing, doing the packing
I'm packing, packing, packing all day long. 
Doing the packing, doing the packing
With all of this work at least I will be strong!


  1. You are making a lot of progress in packing, sorting, throwing out, etc. The move from condo to house went very quickly, amazing.

    1. The hardest thing is living with the mess all around me. I am not a neat person, but this is beyond crazy! Every horizontal surface is covered. I had not idea that we owned this much stuff!

  2. Right after reading your post we got a call that someone put an offer on the house my FIL lived in. You gave us good luck!

    1. Hooray! May this will in turn, give us good luck!!

  3. Send me a note about where you are moving!

  4. Sound like no grass is growing under your feet! :)


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