Thursday, June 1, 2017


Our daily schedule
Today we Dreamers went active! We rode bikes from Les Andyles, where the ship was docked, to Giverny, home of the famous impressionist, Monet. The ride was idyllic. We traveled mostly on bike paths behind some homes, and then on the narrow streets of Giverny. The town has been kept as it was in Monet's times.

Monet's home

One of the bridges over Monet's lily pond, the subject of many of his paintings.
Visiting the garden and seeing so many of Monet's pieces brought me wonderful memories of my mother. She loved Monet's work and it was an inspiration for quite a few of her quilts. Shortly after returning home I came across this small quilt my mother had made. I see Monet in here, don't you?

The gardens were not in full bloom, but they were beautiful in their first blush of spring.

Our guide took us by the Hotel Baudy. Impressionist painters would often come to Giverny and stay at this inn.

This was taken at the studio behind the Hotel Baudy.
The studio is reported to be the exact same way it was during Monet's time.
There was an art class behind the studio. I was itching to be part of the class.

After our return to the dock. 

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