Sunday, February 23, 2014

Playing Leap Frog

As we were driving along I-10 in Arizona we played “Leap Frog” with another motorhome. We passed them. They passed us. We passed them, again.

Having been occupied with driving and navigating... well, having not paid attention to the driver or passenger... with each ‘contact’ we Dreamers began speculating about the owners of the motorhome, putting pieces of evidence together: the model of motorhome, the colors of the RV and the car, the brand of the car being towed, and the license plate showing where the coach came from.

Considering all of the millions of motorhomes on the road, what are the probabilities of running into someone you know along an Interstate highway?! 

Imagine our fun in discovering that friends we met last year were heading the same way we were, and that within a week we would both be at the same campground! We were parked next to the Hehr's at the service center last year, and then ended up at the same resort in Arizona.

Once we realized who we were playing leap frog with... and they realized who we were... we had a round of emails sharing phone numbers, and then chatted for a bit. We are looking forward to seeing them at the campground soon.


What thoughts do you have?

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