Monday, February 24, 2014

Bath Day

I certainly hope that you are going to make her suffer the
same indignity that you imposed on me!

Ha! Good! You had that stinky stuff smeared all over you, too!
You can't rub it off - it doesn't work. I tried!

OMG... we smell terrible!
 I don't understand how Dreaming could 
begin to think that stuff smells good!


  1. Chance needs one of those too...looks like you did your yourself! We have a dog wash in shampoo and towels and can leave the mess there:)

  2. Samson Says: I heard my daddy say this morning that the weather is getting warmer, I should him (meaning me) a bath soon. I have nowhere to hide, I hope it will get colder soon.

  3. My stinky little guy needs a bath too.
    I hate to do it when it is so cold out. But it's warming up today and tomorrow. Yay!
    Cindy Bee


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