Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Remotely Interesting

Our motorhome has a few remotes....

What happened to the day when people 
got up to change the channel on the TV?

My favorite?
It isn't pictured!
We have a keypad door lock.
I won't have to carry a wad of keys anymore.

The remote I still need?
One for the radio.
The radio is just out of reach for both of us.
I have to undo my seatbelt to change stations
or change the volume. 
I'll gladly swap one of the 4, yes four,
remotes for the TV for one for the radio!

What remote do you use most often?


  1. My TV remote..gosh you have lots of them! You must be the Queen of the remotes! ..I would get confused for sure with that many:)

    1. I actually missed a few - they were working on our TV and had two of the remotes. Of course, most of the remotes are for TV's and the coach has far more than we have at home. I feel like I am in a TV showroom sometimes!


What thoughts do you have?

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