Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do They Remember?

We dreamers often talk about Gypsy and Tucker and wonder just what they are thinking. Oh, how we wish they could talk!

They are both wonderful travelers. They hop up on their beds, which we put on the sofa (the only time they are allowed on the sofa). 

Gypsy usually stays there all day, until we finally park and put the slide out. However, after four long days coming from Alabama, she finally protested and came off her bed during the last hour to complain to us about the conditions she was forced to endure!! She is a little princess, after all!

We finally arrived at the campground in Arizona after 1623 miles on the road. Miles that took longer than expected due to delays for accidents and one stop for diagnostic services. 

Since their eyeballs were beginning to float, the first thing I did was take the dogs down to the little dog park near our rig.

Gypsy walked into the park, stopped and stared at this tree. This is the tree that piqued her curiosity last year because a dove was nesting among the leaves. We were blown away. It is so obvious that she remembers the dog park at this campground. After staring for a few minutes, Gypsy walked off, having lost all interest in the tree. Mama Dove chose not to nest in the tree this year, or at least, not yet.

Well, we now know that the dogs do remember!

Here is a post Gypsy wrote last year about the dove in this tree. 


  1. How smart your dogs are to remember that particular tree with the doves nesting in it. They sound like excellent travelers.

  2. Smart dog. Who knew she would remember after so much time has passed & with all the traveling. Dogs are such special companions.

  3. That's awesome. Sounds like humans have good memories too, since you remembered it too ;)

  4. Yes I have noticed that they have good recall! Glad you are near a spot they can run around in! :)


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