Sunday, February 2, 2014

California Dreamin'

It is raining here in Nashville, with 1-3 inches of ice pellets and snow expected for tonight. At least I can dream of warmer areas!

Here is my latest painting: Number 12... a beach scene. I can almost hear the waves and I can imagine I'm on the beach in California. One can dream, right?

(I write more about this painting on my other blog)


  1. It was 19 degrees here this morning, water pump is frozen, so not all of CA is worth dreaming about if you are on the frozen East coast. Stay warm, love your picture.

  2. Hey Dreaming! I play this song a lot. I used to listen to as a teenager in rural Nova Scotia, never dreaming that I would live in California! Or the US! Your wave and the light on the water is super! I hope you hear some great country music in Nashville! Stay warm!


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