Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Chapter Two

Gypsy, what does the sign say?

It says they have seen a bear in the campground, 
and to be really careful.

Well, of course. 
Anyone can see that there is a bear in the campground. 
Look over your shoulder. 
What do you think that is?

 Stupid humans.

We went camping with friends in our Rocky Mountain Allegro club this week. A few freeloading bears decided to poke around the campground for some easy pickings. Or, maybe they just wanted to live the lifestyle, as this YouTube video shows.

The wildlife folks came in with two different traps, and caught the bigger of the two bears. Evidently he was the ringleader.

Once the big guy was trapped and taken away, the wildlife folks seemed to think campers wouldn't need to worry about bears any longer, and the traps were removed

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  1. I bet the dogs thought that was exciting! Looks like they can read the sign!! :)


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