Friday, May 6, 2016

A Horse Lover's Dream

Topiary Horse at Entrance
While visiting in Asheville (in April) we were told a number of times that we should visit the Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Yeah, I said, we've driven by the Tryon center many times. It didn't seem to be all that impressive.

No, they said, it isn't the same place at all. It's a different place. You gotta see it.

Yeah, I said, I've seen bunches of barns and horse places. So what. Big deal.

No, they said, you won't believe this place. You gotta go look.

So, having a bit of time on our hand, Mr. Dreamy and I made the drive out to the Tryon International Horse Center, which turns out to be in Mill Spring, NC not in Tryon, NC, and it isn't the place I was thinking of, and Oh. My. God! They weren't kidding!!!

Panorama of central part of the complex

We stopped at a model condo that sits on top of a hill overlooking the center. This gave us a sweeping view of the main club house, overlooking the large, central "Rolex" arena and grandstands, a long row of shops and restaurants, a carousel, four huge arenas and warm-up areas and barns lined up on the end of those, campground sites with a row of tiny log cabins, a huge covered arena, and work going on to expand and build on the current facility, all of which has sprung up in the last two years. The place is magnificent. The stuff of dreams for any horse lover.

View from the hilltop:

A screenshot from Google Maps

The clubhouse is in the center, with the large arena behind. The large buildings in the foreground on the left and right appear to be retail centers. The row of buildings on the right,  going back in the picture, are all small shops and eateries. The four large practice rings can be seen on the right. There is one large barn on the left, at the back. There are other barns on the right, towards the back, and more off the edge of the picture.

 Mr. Dreamy checks out the welding on the larger-than-life horse
in front of the club house.

Painted ponies go round-and-round
...for free!
Who says you can't get a free ride?!

Row of retail shops

The main arena

Viewing areas at the back of the clubhouse overlooking
the main arena

One of four other show rings

with a girl schooling her horse

Show schedule for this spring

 We will come back some time. We plan to camp in their beautiful camp ground. They built one loop and quickly realized they needed more spaces, so added two more sections. The campsites don't provided the most space between rigs that we've seen, but shrubbery has been put in on all sides of the parking pads and nice size trees have been planted. The plantings will be magnificent in a few years as they begin to mature.  Perhaps we will volunteer at one of their events. Perhaps we'll simply walk the grounds and admire the horses. Maybe we'll sit in the stands cheering on the jumpers. Who knows? But, it will give me a horse experience that I will thoroughly enjoy.


  1. I would like to camp there and have the horse experience; I am sure you will have fun camping there.

  2. I am looking forward to it. I haven't been to a major horse event in years.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Someone had BIG bucks!

    1. You bet! Megabucks!
      It was funded by 6 families. I can't even imagine how much has been dropped here.


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