Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I saw this on FaceBook. It cracked me up!

Sadly, it's true. 
I guess that's why I found it funny.

Tucker leaves hair around the house all of the time, regardless of the season. Of course, it's worse in the spring and fall when he "blows" his coat. I can brush, and brush, and brush. Tucker can birth several puppies worth of hair every night, and it still comes out. 

Every morning I pick up tufts he left behind in the bedroom. 
Every day I sweep up dog hair tumbleweeds in the hall.
There are patches of hair in the grass outside.

Our solution is to take him for a "de-thatching" (that's what you do to your lawn when you rake out the old, dead grass) twice a year. It doesn't stop the shedding, but it gets rid of the worst of it in spring and fall. 

Today was the day for Tucker's semi-annual doggie spa treatment. Tucker gets "furminated" and then gets a shampoo and conditioner treatment, a brush out and time in the drying kennel.


I think we got our money's worth this year. Not only was Tucker full of dead hair, he had romped in the wet grass and mud in the morning after our hail storm!


Funny, he looks furrier now than he did before!!!


  1. We think our dog Stella is an Aussie cross and she is a huge shedder. Just petting her means giant clumps of hair flying everywhere. Maybe I should try some de-thatching for her too!

    1. I have even had Tucker hair drift out of the freezer when I opened it. It is insidious!


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