Monday, September 16, 2013

Now the Sun Shines

The rain has finally stopped... at least for the moment. Flood waters can now begin receding, but this does not mean that life will resume as normal for many people anytime soon.  Life is going to be very difficult for so many, for a long time. As I write over 1000 people are still waiting to be airlifted from their flooded neighborhoods in the river canyons and some rivers are well above flood stage. In some areas of Estes Park, people are being told to plan on living somewhere else until some time in the spring, as the roads to their homes have been totally washed out. There are at least 30 highway bridges that have been destroyed in the state and countless others that have sustained damages. Many roads have sustained serious damage. It isn't just a matter of the flood waters leaving and the area drying out. The water carried a lot of debris and tons of mud with it. I heard on TV that tennis courts near the CU Boulder campus have over a foot of mud on them. Streets, driveways, yards and farms are in the same mess.

Animals are impacted too.  Farmers may have fences down and buildings destroyed, and they may have lost their entire supply of hay that was put away for the winter. Pastures may be covered in mud and debris. In some areas the water has nowhere to drain and may turn fields into huge popsicles come November - this, according to a news report on the television.

One of my Blog friends wants to help. Gun Diva (aka C.S, Wilson), writes a blog called Tales from the Trail. She also has a book by that title that was recently published. In her book she shares stories from her time as a wrangler, leading trail rides in the Rocky Mountains. GunDiva is donating the proceeds from the sale of her book for the rest of this month to help horse owners in Colorado. Clicking on the image below will take you to the Amazon sales page for her book.

Perhaps it is time to consider some early Christmas shopping for your horse lover family and friends!
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  1. I was worried the rain was never going to end for Colorado. I'm very familiar with the area. I lived in Fort Collins for a short time.

  2. Still drizzly here, but I expect the sun to come out by tomorrow. Have you seen this equine rescue network. Pass it around. The folks in Boulder/Estes areas are going to need lots of help soon.!

  3. I hope that horse in the first part of the clip was the one rescued in the last part of the clip. What idiot would leave a horse tied up during a flood. It sounds terrible for so many people...poor animals:(

  4. How stressful that is for the people in the remote Estes area who need to find someplace else to live until spring! This is so disruptive for the people, livestock and wild animals. How kind of the author to offer some support.

  5. The horse standing in the corner wasn't tied up. He simply had a fly mask on and was standing in the corner of what I assume was his pen. The angle makes it look like he was tied.

  6. So devastating! Prayers have been coming from Texas!


  7. heart is breaking. I don't think I ever knew you lived in Colorado. I've been there several times, but not in years. I've been to Estes Park, Boulder, Denver, Silver Springs, Red Rocks, etc. I have a cousin that lives there. I saw the request on facebook and shared it...and I am seeing the flooding on tv just I type, but I guess I didn't realize it was THIS bad. We had flooding in the Spring...but I THINK our farm areas were 'okay.' I know our downtown area got hit hard, and many people lost everything in their homes....but the animals....oh my gosh....I just didn't know. I'm going to ask a blogger friend who has a whole lot more followers than I do, and a horse lover herself, to post something helpful.

    Cindy Bee


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