Friday, September 6, 2013

Tucker Talks: Gypsy Made me Do It

It is all Gypsy's fault. 
She is such a food hound - she'll eat anything! 

The other day Mr. Dreamy called us over for a treat. 

Gypsy ran right over and plunked her bottom down on the floor.
She is such a show off and a goody-goody.
I didn't want to miss out, so I came over too.

Mr. Dreamy gave each of us a treat.
He said it was something called carrot. 

I chewed.
Gypsy chewed.


It tastes TERRIBLE!
But, since Gypsy was still eating her carrot,
I wouldn't dare spit it out.
I didn't want her to have the satisfaction of
having two pieces... even if it tasted awful!

I woulda never eaten it if it hadn't been for Gypsy.
And will you look at her...
It's kinda blurry cause she is moving so fast,
but she is actually licking her chops.

That girl has no taste!


  1. I've heard of people not liking their veggies and now I know that those in the animal kingdom don't either. lol At least you were brave through the whole process and weren't made to look bad in front of Gypsy. BTW, be sure to come by my blog to enter my Diamond Candles giveaway that went live yesterday. Just click on the link: here!

  2. My dog actually likes carrots, as long as they are boiled. Kinda cute to hear about Tucker and Gypsy.

  3. How funny! Try plain rice cakes too:) Smiles!!

  4. Chance likes cooked carrots! He won't eat them raw. Gypsy should be able to eat at least one a day if she likes them! Poor Tucker stuck with a carrot:)

  5. Lol Cute. Millie will eat them cooked but spits them out if they are raw

  6. Oh, our Aussie, Howdy, is a selective eater, but if we give our other dog a treat and he sees her wolf it down, he'll be more likely to join in for the feast. Your dogs are always so beautiful.



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