Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Centus: Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Aw, Jenny, I wasn’t ready for this word yet. I do have to admit it fits right in with my story line, though it is a bit earlier than I had planned, and perhaps too easy! I just don’t know if I can tie it up in 100 words!

(Perhaps, dear Jenny, you were saying, "Enough, already, with the darn pony... let's get this over with?!)

Jenny’s word this week is SALVATION. We must write about the word, but not use the word, and we must write 100 words in all. To visit other responses to Jenny's prompt, click on the image to link to her Saturday Centus.

Jenny Matlock

When Jenny began the one “not-to-be-used” word prompts I wrote about an auction, and a woman missing out on the bid for a sweet, old pony. I didn’t intend for the story to go on. But, a few of my blog readers pestered me, wanting to know that the pony was going to be OK. So, I continued my story. 

If you didn’t get to read earlier installments, here they are, in order:

So, what’s next?  Where will my keyboard take me.....

The man, looked at her incredulously and spat tobacco juice toward her feet. “Lady....” 
“Papa! Oh, papa! You got him,” a young girl squealed in delight, interrupting him. She threw her tiny arms around his thigh, hugging him, and sobbing in relief. 
“So, you must buy this pony?” the man asked, a twinkle showing in his eye!
“But...but I thought you were the kill buyer,” she spluttered. “I had to save this pony.”
The man guffawed. “Lady, you got me all wrong.” he continued, “I consider it my place on earth to out bid the devil whenever I can.”


  1. Hi Dreaming! I'm still laughing over Tucker Talks. Tucker and Gypsy are like two close-in-age and young siblings both making sure that the other one doesn't get something extra! Coincidently, his morning I clicked on your "A Novel Idea" blog out of curiosity. I have to admit that blogging sidetracks my other writing too. I'm impressed with your Saturday Centus entries! And I can see why readers wanted more of the story. I see a possible juvenile novel there or a children's book! Just saying! Have a great day!

  2. Oh my, you may not have thought you were ready, but you were. I also have to say, what an amazing photo too!

  3. what a sweet ending! guess you cannot judge people by their looks.

    hope you have a great day.

  4. Oh man! I love this ending!

    I was holding my breath.


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