Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch: Wha' D'ya Do With the Money Your Parents Gave You for Music Lessons?

I feel like chatting today. We are enjoying one of our first cool days. As I type, it is barely 60 out and the high is supposed to reach 72. Whooo! That sure beats the 92... and the 102 we had last week! I will actually have some energy left to do something!

Patrice, I am so glad that you are feeling better.

You can join the chat too - either leave a comment on my blog, or on Patrice's blog - or respond to the questions and link to Patrice's Everyday Rurality blog.

Here are our points of discussion for the day:

  1. Did you ever take piano lessons, as a child or adult?
  2. How many times do you eat out each month?
  3. If you could snap you fingers and change on thing about your appearance, what would that be? (Temporary or permanent)
  4. Do you like looking at art or photography? Do you go to any place that displays them?
  5. Do you have new things for your fall/ winter wardrobe?

Here are my answers:

1. As a child? No. I took clarinet lessons in 3rd grade (and was kicked out of class for lack of drive and talent) and guitar lessons in middle school. When I went to college I had to learn how to play the piano - but I have forgotten all of it now. I think I have some sort of learning disability when it comes to music. To this day I have to say the ditty, "Every Good Boy Does Fine" to name the notes. I'm a music flunky!

2. We don't eat out very much. I have probably had 2 lunches out this month and we haven't made it out for dinner.

3. Oh, please, make me thinner at the snap of my fingers. It takes far too long to lose weight these days!

4. I am not much of a looker. (Oh my, that statement could be interpreted in a totally different way!) I enjoy art if I have an expert there to tell me the back story of the piece I am looking at. Museums often make me yawn (I think it is the stuffy air and lack of oxygen)... then tears begin to flow down my face and people think I am all emotional about the art work.

5. Nope, well, not unless you count the T-shirt I got at Kohl's using Kohl's cash, so it ended up being basically free! I 'earned' the Kohl's cash buying a new pair of tennis shoes since my old ones have been worn down from playing pickleball. Does any of that count?!


  1. I'm taking piano right now. I've only been doing it a year and sometimes I have to say that ditty too. :)

  2. I took both piano and clarinet as a child. I hated to practice and now I am sorry I didn't keep them up. And I hate thinking that Yes, Momma did know best (but I didn't listen)

    1. I forgot to mention that I took violin as an adult... past my 40's. Even then I didn't care to isolate myself from the family to go practice.

  3. I too wish I had paid attention to the music lessons...I wasn't inspired.

  4. I agree with you about museums being stuffy. The last time I went to the one here in town, it was also pretty dark (I understand that light does bad things to the "treasures"). Dark and stuffy are not good things when one is claustrophobic and I am.

    Have a great week!

    1. Oh no! Most would be claustrophobic!
      Although, as I recall the National Museum of Art at the Smithsonian is very spacious... but I still yawn!

  5. I played clarinet from 4th grade all thru high school and when my daughter brought home a clarinet from school and I tried to play it I didn't have the wind! If I had taken piano lessons I wouldn't have had to worry about that!

    1. I had never thought about not having enough wind for clarinet. But, it is called a 'wind' instrument - so, duh!!

  6. Hey Dreaming! I can't wait for every Friday night to roll around when I meet Terry at Parkway for Friday Nigh Date Night! If we're in town, we're there! I love museums, but in small doses! Have a great day!

  7. I had to laugh at #4! Free things at Kohls are good. Have a good week.


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