Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candyland Carriage Parade

Our town has had a Christmas carriage parade for 28 years. This year we helped direct trailers to parking and helped marshal the crowd and direct entries during the parade.

 Apparently this mini-donkey loves gingersnaps. He was so cute I wanted to donkey-nap him!

 Devil horns or candy canes?
Of course, no devil here!


I promised this Rocky Mountain horse that I would say nothing to his pasture-mates about what he was wearing in the parade! I didn't say a thing about posting it on a blog! Here's another shot of him. Do you think he's looking at his 'pants', ducking his head in shame, or just proudly strutting his stuff?

 Both of the percherons were intrigued by the dog. I loved the way they had turned in unison to check him out. Naturally, by the time I got the camera up and running, they no longer had their ears forward!

 Here's another pair of big boys!

Look at the human faces...are we having fun yet? Oh, yes, we are!

 Of course, you know that I was partial to this team! 
Doc met these boys when we went on a Haflinger trail ride earlier this year.


 This is the Wells Fargo coach, pulled by four quarter horses.

I think this guy's gentle soul is evident in this picture. What a nice guy!


  1. Looks like a totally fun parade. Love the pants. So cute.

  2. Cute parade!

    Love the ears on that Fjord. I sense that most of these horses are all less than enthusiastic about their humans' desire to embarrass them silly... I mean get into the holiday spirit.

    Mitch looks like that a lot. Usually around Halloween and Christmas.

  3. Pretty interesting collection of equines. That poor horse in the pink pants looks mortified.

  4. What great fun! You have quite the festive parade... ours is at night and I think I like the day parade better (for the equines). Love the donkey!!! :D


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