Sunday, December 19, 2010


After Thanksgiving I began to notice lots of cars carrying Christmas trees home. Just that sight evokes so many wonderful memories and feelings of anticipation. However, the pink flocked tree, a real one, riding home on top of a car just about did me in. You know, I could have gotten some sort of neck injury from the double-take! I guess flocked trees are the current 'in' thing. I can understand the allure - just look at the beauty of nature's flocking! (AKA: hoar frost, white frost, pruina, rime, Jack frost)

Mornings like this make going out to feed the horses very special....just wish I'd remember to always take my camera and not have to run back up to the house, get the boots off and go find the camera!

It's OK Pippin, I'll be down to feed you after I take just two twenty more pictures!


  1. Gorgeous pictures and I too prefer the natural any time. I read on another blog that pink flocking is the latest for little girls who get trees in their own bedrooms. Imagine that!--Inger

  2. Beautiful! I never got a flocked tree because I didn't want that crap all over my house.


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