Friday, December 24, 2010

A Conversation: Christ's Mass

Hey, Pippin. Did you know that tonight 
is a special night?

What? Do we get extra hay 
or something?

*Big sigh* 
No, silly. It has nothing to do with food.

If it isn't that we get extra hay, 
I don't see how tonight could be special.

Tonight is the beginning of the 
celebration of Christ's birth.

Christ? The guy that my Mrs. Owner 
sometimes names under her breath 
when she's really, really mad?

No. Well, yeah. 
I guess so...In a way.
Never mind...
Many years ago Mary was about to 
have a baby. Joseph and Mary were 
traveling and couldn't find a place 
to stay, so they went into a stable.

Are they coming here? Tonight? 
Goody! I love visitors!

Pippin, will you listen? Please?

Oh, sorry. I just got a bit excited.

This happened a long time ago. 
Before we were even born.
Even before my Mrs. Owner was born. 

 Wow! That really was a 
long time ago, then.

So Mary and Joseph went into the stable 
on Christmas Eve. She had a little baby. 
He was born in the stable with all of the 
animals around him. 

Were there horses there? 
I wish I could have been there. 
I've never seen a baby born.

She put him to bed in a manger. 
His name was Jesus Christ
and many people believe he was a savior.

Oh...wasn't she worried that one of
the animals would try to eat her baby?

Oh, Pippin, how gross!
A bright star shone over the stable to 
announce the baby's birth.

Oh Doc, look! There's a star over there. 
It's really bright. Is a baby going to be 
born in our stable tonight?

The star led the wise men to the 
stable to worship the new king.

A king?            
You said he was a savior.
You are confusing me.

The wise men brought gifts for the new baby. 

Presents? I love presents.
Are the smart guys gonna
follow the bright star 
and bring presents to us?

Ever since then many people celebrate 
Jesus' birthday. They celebrate 'Christ's Mass'. 
They give gifts to loved ones in remembrance of
Jesus Christ and his birth.

Are you gonna give me a present?
What are you going to give me?
Is my Mrs. Owner gonna give me a present?
Oooo....what do I want? 
Some apple flavored treats?

I don't have a present for you, Pippin.
Horses don't go shopping and buy presents.
But I can wish you a Merry Christmas.

Oh. OK...I guess.
And, since I don't have a present for you,
I'll just have to wish you Merry Christmas, too!

We wish all of our readers a 
M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S
and Happy Holidays too.   

With love from
Doc & Pippin 


  1. Such a cute picture of the boys.

  2. Awww, very sweet. Merry Christmas Doc an Pippin.

  3. That was really cute! I am still catching up on posts, hope you had a good Christmas - and I bet Doc and Pippin got treats!

  4. Wonderful...just wonderful! Truly made me smile.

    Adorable photo, too!
    I hope you and your handsome ponies enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.


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