Friday, December 17, 2010

Hurt Go Happy

I'm a winner!
Yes, Dreaming, it's nice when we feel good about ourselves. 
It is important to have a healthy outlook on life.
No, really. I am a winner!
Of course you are. 
Having high self-esteem is important, but one shouldn't adopt superior attitudes.
This isn't about my attitude. I won a contest! I won a book!

Linda Benson announced a contest last month on a post that included an interview with author Ginny Rorby.  I commented on her post and later learned that I had won a copy of  Hurt Go Happy. Ginny writes books for children and young adults. I am neither. But, this is the type of book I love. Afterall, I have a Master's Degree in the Teaching of Reading and I taught middle school for more years than was probably healthy! (Which may explain why I am the way I am!) In an effort to help my students learn to enjoy reading I began reading adolescent literature. Lots of it. I kept a note card for every book that I read. On the card I not only recorded the basic book info and a brief outline, but I also made estimates about the reading level, and sometimes I cross referenced the book to others on similar topics. In this way I could make suggestions for my students when they were struggling with finding a book to read.
I dug into Hurt Go Happy the day it arrived. I am savoring it, reading only a bit each day. The story is captivating and it was inspired by the true story of chimpanzee raised as a human child. I can't wait to read more!

For more information about the book, visit Ginny Rorby's site.

Linda, thanks for hosting the contest. I am most appreciative!


  1. woo hooo Dreaming !!! Can't wait for your book review!

  2. I teach reading too and love a lot of children's literature as well. Sounds like a good story!

  3. I love children's books, all children's books. I have an extensive collection of them. I especially enjoy the adolescent ones. I am very impressed with your catalog. Very inspiring and I'll bet helpful to your students. What a great idea.


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