Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can I Be Good?

Many years ago my mother gave one of the boys this darling book about a young Golden Retriever

who always managed to get into trouble. She loved the book because at that time we owned an incorrigible retriever who grew too big, ran too fast, greeted people too enthusiastically and had such joy and energy that he was always inadvertently causing problems, much like the dog in the book.

Today I was reminded of the book as I rode Pippin. I had the BEST ride on him, and it seemed to me that he was trying very, very hard to be good! He walked calmly. He trotted calmly. He listened to my aids for turning, stopping and backing. What more could a person ask?!

At the end of the ride, while my friend and I chatted, Pippin cocked a back hoof, lowered his head, relaxed his lower lip and took a snooze. I can't recall another time when Pippin has been able to lower his guard and relax while I've been in the saddle.

Yes, Pippin, you can be good!


What thoughts do you have?

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