Monday, October 1, 2018


September 24 & 25

I wished we had more time in Prague. We had a nice walking tour of the old section, enjoyed local beer and food, and before we were ready, we were on the road, beginning our adventure.

Looking across the river at the old town section of Prague

From my sketchbook
The view of the gate looking toward the Charles Bridge.
My sketch was from on the bridge looking back at the town.
The "palace" that was the subject of my second sketch.
Isn't it amazing how the painting on the facade really looks 3-D?!

We arrived for the changing of the guard ceremony at the Palace. The current President has offices in the castle, thus the guards. The pomp and circumstance went on, but my longer video would not load.

Statue depicting Christians imprisoned by Ottoman Turks.
Do you see the prisoners?

A panoramic view from the Charles Bridge.
St. Nicholas Church in Old Town Square.
From here we went to a local restaurant and had as sumptuous meal down in the cellar (which has been renovated beautifully.) I can only imagine that the room in which we ate was hundreds of years old!

Elaborate buildings
Came across this example of "potty parity" on our way to the castle.
Six "Jennys" and one "Johnie"!
This little hedgehog was sandwiching the shop glass. It was an art shop.
I would have loved to have had time to go in and browse, but we were
on a walking tour with a group and had no time to get back to it.
(One downside of group tours)
On our way up to the Prague Castle.
I love twisty, narrow streets. They invite me to detour off the path!
I want to know what is around the corner!


  1. What fun, I like your drawings! Have a good time!

    1. We had a wonderful time. I had such challenges posting things on Blogger that I gave up and decided I would reconstruct the trip when I returned! I am back. I am tired! But, it is fun to go back through the pictures and revisit our trip.

  2. Hello, did you do the watercolor tinted drawing? If so, it seems to capture a medieval town! Peace.

    1. After seeing some sketches by a traveling "urban sketcher" I determined I wanted to do that on our trip. I have been sketching, with water colors for the most part, for months! I couldn't keep up with the sketches on the trip, and rarely had time to do them on site, but I enjoy the peace it gives me and the time it gives me to reflect on that particular place.


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