Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Danube Presents Challenges

Wednesday, September 26

When we arrived in Prague we heard that the ship, Uniworld's S.S. Beatrice, was not going to be able to sail to Nuremberg, Germany, to pick us up as originally planned. Europe has had a very dry summer and the water levels of the Danube are very low. We heard of changes in itineraries, riverboat cruises becoming bus cruises, cancellations and where folks were bused from one ship to another on either side of the low areas. So, we were not surprised, just thankful that we would have a riverboat experience.

Nuremberg is about 2 1/2 hours by bus from Prague. The ship was docked in Regensberg, Germany, also about 2 1/2 hours away. We were given the option of going to either destination. Those of us who chose to go to Nuremberg enjoyed a city tour, perhaps a bit shorter than that which was originally planned for the city, and were then bused to Regensberg to meet the ship, about 1 1/2 hours away. So, we experienced a bit more bus time, and missed out on the usual free afternoon in the city to explore, but we did see some highlights.

We visited the castle formation. The first castle formation dates from the 1000's.
It was added on to, destroyed, and reconstructed many times over the years.
From the castle wall one has a great view of historic Nuremberg.
Sadly, most of what one sees is "new" construction, our guide lamented,
from after WWII, where most of this area was leveled.
Our guide shared this picture taken after the war from basically the same point where we were standing.
Shöner Brunnen (beautiful fountain) from the 14th century
graces the town square.
We were lucky to arrive in the town square at noon when the Frauenkirche Clock,
installed around 1508, did it's noon display. 

Our guide pointed out a local restaurant where we could enjoy their
traditional sausage, Stück Rostbratwürste, warm potato salad and a beer!

The early town gates had square towers. Round towers were built around them
as armaments became more powerful.
We were driven inside the Nazi Rally grounds. They were never finished.
Originally the plan was to have stadium style seating in marble,
with a huge marble parade ground.
Image from the Internet... our bus did not fly over the rally grounds!
This does, however, give you a feel for the immensity of the structure.
Our view during dinner somewhere downstream from Regensberg.

We left the sobering images and thoughts of the rally grounds headed for Regensberg, Germany. Shortly after we arrived, the ship moved on, trying to beat the falling waters of the Danube. I arrived and reconnected with Scott, who had dutifully unpacked both of our suitcases! See, he is "Mr. Dreamy"!


  1. Going there in May on a river cruise.

  2. Cyndi, what wonderful pictures. I love your hair.

    1. Thanks... I think the hair is more an effect of the climate, not the cut!!


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