Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Weatherman Didn't Lie

I know that Meteorologists have lots of new and improved technology at their fingertips to help them predict the weather. I'm sure computers have made a huge impact on the art of prediction.

But so many times it seems that Mother Nature wants to be ornery and the weather guys just don't get it right. This week was not one of those times. This time the weather guys were 'spot on'!

The prediction for Monday was that the cold weather 
would move into our area around noon. 
It did!

They predicted that we would get 1" - 2" of snow. 
We did!

The weather reports indicated that we would wake to 
temperatures below 0.
Right, again!

(Pay no attention to the time, 3:40 or the date, 9/29.)
The battery that handles this information is not working.
(I'd make a lousy weather guy!)
The correct time: 8:00 AM
The correct date: 11/12/14

I'm hunkered down for the day. 
I have lots of projects I can work on (remember my November List?!)

I made a tent for the plants in the garage.
They are at 50 degrees with the help of an oil heater.

The dogs are holding vigil at the door,
taking brief jaunts outside to chase errant bunnies.

I wonder about the bunnies, the birds and the beasts.
How do they feel about the weather?
At what temperature do they feel the cold?
Do they grumble about the snow?

The local news is campaigning to inform listeners about
bringing pets inside.
This was picture was posted on Facebook by KOAA news.
Evidently the police are on their way to check on the dog,
and educate the owners.
Poor pup...

Follow-up: A comment on the Facebook post by KOAA news reported that the owners were visited by the police and have let the dog inside. I hope they keep him in.


  1. The main trouble for outside critters is fresh water. I try to keep some outside.

    We have only one dog in but only one is used to being inside.

    The farm team have thick piles of hay in protected places and also have the electric blankets that have died to cuddle up in. If the temps get super cold they will be in the shop or the shed.

    Stay warm!

    1. Thanks to your reminder, our birds now can enjoy a heated bird bath!

  2. Chance sometimes sleeps like that in the snowbank! He rather likes it...I have to make him come in! You are colder than we are...I suppose it is coming this way:(

    1. Gypsy likes sleeping under the porch. She has created some hollows to nest in. Her 'bed' gives her a great vantage point to watch bunnies, who also like to sleep under the porch!
      Tucker has a super, thick coat, but his feet get cold!

  3. I'm so glad those people were visited by the police. I see the difference between Samson and Faith, furry and not, in how they handle the cold weather. And it's not that cold here.

  4. It looks like those brazen deer haven't moved! LOL, Dreaming! Maybe they're hoping you'll bring them inside! I'm glad the police got after the owners of the dog. Stay warm ~ sketch more faces!

    1. I'm sketching! I'm warm!
      The deer will have to hunker down someplace else!

  5. Poor dog. I worry about the wildlife too.

    1. Gail (At the Farm) reminded me that water is more critical to critters than food. When we lived in Black Forest we had a heated bird bath. I unearthed it and set it up for our birds. The deer will have to find their own water! Even though I have heated buckets, I'm not going to encourage them!

  6. Thanks for the update on that dog. What is wrong with people?
    Please don't send us your weather.


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