Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wacky Weather

Six feet of snow near Buffalo, then 60* a week later…
Torrential rains that are forecast to bring 3" of rain near Seattle…
Tornado warnings in the southeast...

Crazy weather!

Our weather is unsettled, too.

We don't know what season it is!
We had snow...

Then it melted.
We had mini "blizzards" when we weren't supposed to have snow.
Even the dogs didn't want to go out!
Gypsy doesn't like the snowballs in her feet.
Tucker shakes the snow off his coat.

Yesterday we had ominous skies.

The clouds on the horizon turned out to be snow squalls.
The weather whooshed in…
bringing rain and graupel pelting down…
driven by a strong wind.
Snow began swirling in the wind.

As fast as it came…
It left.
On its way to pelt those living south of me!


  1. I have never seen a snow squall and hope not to see one. I thought for a moment it was a wall cloud birthing tornadoes, in a way, I guess it was.

    Stay safe the weather only grows stranger.

  2. I'm sick of this January weather...makes me wonder if January is going to be worse than normal.


    1. I won't be sticking around to see January weather, here. But, just because I will be in Florida, it doesn't mean it will be any nicer! Last year we froze!

  3. I hear you. We went from November to February then April all in one week. Our winds were so strong yesterday it picked up a heavy rubber stall mat on Camryns patio!

    1. Dang! Those stall mats are heavy - I've messed with them before! That was some wind!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks - our skies certainly provide plenty of opportunity to snap an interesting picture!

  5. Actually, I am surprised to find you at home. That first photo is stunning. Are you still taking art classes? And how do you set up your comment section to have replies? I would like to do that.

    1. I'm home til just after Christmas. I am taking another session of classes. I have talked about them here: http://dreamingdoesart.blogspot.com
      I have no idea how I set up the reply feature. I looked at the 'back end' and didn't see anything remarkable. I searched for it, and came up with this explanation: http://dreamingdoesart.blogspot.com, However, none of that is what I see. Oh, well!

  6. Lucky you, escaping to Florida! Our weather certainly has been variable. At least Thanksgiving in the mountains was great with lots of fresh, beautiful snow. When Terry and I left Black Hawk on Sunday we watched the temperature fall almost twenty degrees as we drove home to cold, chilly south Aurora. Hope you're staying warm!


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