Monday, November 3, 2014

Far Side Made Me Do It

My dear Blog friend, Far Side, posts her monthly "to do" list on her blog, and then reports on her progress at the end of the month. Talk about accountability!

Well, Dreaming thought, perhaps I should try the same approach, said Dreaming to herself (and now on her blog); maybe it will motivate me to get more done between now and Christmas.

Planning has never been one of my strong points. I am more a 'spur-of-the-moment' kind of gal, and looking 'down the road', all I see is haze! Let's see if I can sharpen my vision and create a path for the next few weeks!

Here is my November list:

1. Prepare gardens for winter.
Which actually means I'm getting them ready for spring.

2. Create! I am hosting a "Home Made" Christmas, so I have gifts to make.

3. Complete the sweater I began knitting for my grand niece when she was born 6 months ago!
(Isn't she darling?!!!)

4. Enjoy Dad and treasure his remaining time with us. Organize and clear out extraneous items to create a safe environment to help him with challenges associated with mobility issues.

5. Make basement habitable (if not more attractive), so holiday guests won't think they have been sent to the dungeon.

6. Finish making quilled Christmas cards.

That ought to keep me busy for a few weeks! Check back in December to see how I managed with my list.


  1. You can do it!
    But I'm going to go take a nap...I'm tired from reading your list. Hey, my husband would feel right at home in a basement with a table saw!

    Cindy Bee

    1. I am sure he would! LOL Did you notice the pile of sawdust? Oh, and that is carpet on the floor! Oh, and the lathe is to the left of the saw - just out of camera range… with more wood bits all over. We don't value the basement - time to make it a bit nicer, though. (However, why am I worrying? If I put my son down there, he'd love playing with the tools!)

  2. Way to go! I know you'll get it done!

  3. I think this list will keep you hopping! How wonderful that you still have your dad and are making his comfort and safety a priority. My dad died 30 years ago, and I miss him every day. Now, if you could just get those brazen deer to clean out those garden beds for you! Have a good one!


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