Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gypsy Jabbers: Visiting Dad

That lady who feeds me put me in the car, without Tucker. At first I was a bit nervous, thinking we might be going to that place that smells terrible and where I get shots. 

But we passed by that stinky place and kept driving. 
I became curious and more curiouser about where we were going.

We went into a huge building. 
Then we went into a small room with doors 
that opened and closed all by themselves.
I wasn't happy with the way my tummy felt
when I was in that tiny room with the funny doors.

We went around a corner and down a long hall.
There were all kinds of interesting smells.
I could smell a cat behind one door.
There was a dog behind another door.
She barked at me.
Then we went into a place where there was
a man called, "Dad".

Me and "Dad" talked a bit.

We had a fine visit.

I hope I can go back and visit "Dad" again!


  1. Gypsy, what a good girl you are. I'm sure you lifted his spirits. Good girl, Gypsy.

  2. Way to go Gypsy! Just so you know Chance doesn't like those little rooms with the moving doors either...he lays down. :)


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