Sunday, November 9, 2014


I unearthed all of the remaining root crop vegetables in our garden. I have 2 gallon bags of beets, a collection of fairly small carrots that had tried to grow under the squash that encroached on their space, and a turnip.

A turnip?

I didn't plant turnips!

Regardless, it will be tasty!

I also cut most of the Silverbeet Swiss chard,
also known as Rainbow Swiss chard.
Isn't it beautiful?

The colors make me smile.


  1. Beautiful crop. I have never seen the multi-colored Swiss chard. I believe our garden is gone. The green tomatoes fill the crisper but we may still have some turnips and greens.

    1. It is sad to see all of our hard work damaged by the cold.

  2. Replies
    1. When I first got the seeds I thought about planting them in my flower garden!


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