Monday, July 10, 2017

The ABC's of the TCS Sale

TCS is conducting our estate sale beginning Thursday, July 13.  I thought it would be fun to create an ABC book of some of the items that are included in the sale.

A is for Antiques
Some are older than me!

B is for Bronze
We have two or three.

C is for Couch
Come have a seat,

D is for Decorations
What a mess! Will it ever be neat?

E is for Ralph Waldo Emerson
Why do we have him,  I ask?

F is for Feathers
Robert Shields made these masks.

G is for Glass
Both round and flat,

is for Powder Horns
of horn, wood and brass.

I is for Italian ducks
My stepmom thinks they are weird.

J is for Jewels, but mostly just Junk!
For your wrist, neck or ears.

K is for Kites
They will fly high in the sky.

 L is for Linen and Lace,
Some yellowed as years have gone by.

M is for Money
Bills, quarters, pennies and dimes,

N is for Nambu
A metal alloy with a shine.

O is for Old News
Where did we get all this stuff?

P is for Paintings, Pewter, Porcelain, & Purses too,
We are having this sale because enough is enough!

Q is for Quilts
Between mine and my moms, I have quite a few.

R is for Rug Beater
That's a chore I wouldn't want to do.

S is for Silver,
Would you want to polish these?

Tis for Tools and Toys
... and one that fits both categories!

U is for the Ugly Dog Trophy
That our sweet Monty dog won,

V is for Volcanic Ash in Blown Glass
that really sparkles in the sun.

W is for Turned Wood Bowls
Scott's prolific and they fill every nook

X is for Xeric
as in this Colorado gardening book.

Yis for Yachts
Yes, I'm almost done!

Z is for Zapper
Zap those bugs! Hey, it's fun!

If you'd like to see more pictures click on the link for TCS sales at the beginning of this post.
If you want to buy something, let me know!


  1. We downsized twice, first place we moved to was senior living - awful but we had 3 bedrooms.So you can guess we keep way to much.

    Bought a small 3 bedroom house in new subdivision.Well you know we had to go all out fixing it up sold it after 6 years.
    This time we really down sized. We are in a Church owned senior living place that is lovely we have a two bedroom apartment. It is a gated community(Bellevue Woods) in Cordova Tn
    So I sure know what you are going through.
    Happy landing

  2. Wow! You are going to have some happy shoppers at your place. Good luck with your sale.

  3. I'm impressed! So creative....

  4. You have some beautiful treasures! I hope you sell it all! :)


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