Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Whose House?

Whose house this is I thought I knew
But that was before the contract fell through;
The deal was great, so it appeared
But they had to close first and my anxieties grew.

Passersby must think it weird
To discover the realtor’s sign disappeared
And then it was back aside the road
We won’t tell them it was us interfered.

Folks stopped to enquire, it was getting old
We couldn't say a second deal was on hold
We had to stay mum it was our secret to keep
But the counter was accepted, our house is sold.

We don’t have to show it, nor constantly sweep
We’ve been through a lot in the past few weeks
And all we want to do is go to sleep,
And all we want to do is go to sleep.

Just last week, on Wednesday, 7 days ago, a couple toured our home and made a full price cash offer.  On Friday another couple came through and upped the ante $20,000 above asking. The first couple countered. However, they had a contingency and they were having trouble with that contingency so we declined their offer. We countered back to the 2nd couple with the top price, and they accepted. 


  1. Congratulations! Wow! That was fast.

    1. Yes. Our heads are still spinning!
      We are thrilled about the buyers. They talked to each of us at the estate sale, and the husband was so excited. He was like a kid at Christmas anticipating great things. He has boarded a horse across the street for years, and has been "eyeing" our house. He just about flipped when he found out it was for sale. He has an adult special needs son, who also looked like he was excited about possibly living in the house. They are coming over to visit tomorrow. I can almost see the husband/dad jumping up and down now!!

  2. Dear Dreaming, Congratulations and may you sleep until your bodies feel truly rested! Peace.

  3. We still have a lot to do to prepare to move, but some of the pressure is off now. Thanks!


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