Wednesday, July 12, 2017

California Dreaming

This week's theme song is sung to the tune of "California Dreaming", but of course, I had to change the words! Sing along...

All the grass is brown, and the sky is blue.
We have lots of flies, and mosquitoes too!
Things would be much better if I was in El Sobrante,
California dreamin’ on a burning summer’s day...

Packed another box, put some things out for the sale,
Began to think of moving, then it began to hail.
California sounds much better,
She began to wail,
California dreamin’ what would this move entail?

All the grass is brown, and the sky is blue.
We have lots of flies, and mosquitoes too!
Moving to El Sobronte seems the thing to do,
California dreamin’ I can’t wait to move...
California dreamin’ I can’t wait to move...
California dreamin’ I can’t wait to move!

In last week's countdown I mentioned that Mr. Dreamy had flown to California. We are living another example of "Never say Never". After getting caught in the 2007-08 downturn in real estate we didn't sell our SC home for 3 years. We said we'd never buy another home without having sold the home we live in first.  On Saturday our son went to a home we saw online and gave us a FaceTime tour. The house had several features we liked, including the possibility of parking the RV next to the house, and the house would be about 35 minutes from the grand child(ren).  But it didn't totally float our boats. When our son returned home he poked around on Redfin and he sent us some links to other homes that might work for us. We fell in love with one of the houses. As they say on TV, the house "ticks all our boxes!" 

It has RV parking. It has a 3-car garage so Mr. Dreamy can have a workshop. It has an extra bedroom for me to use as a sewing room (and it has a few more, so friends can come sew with me!) It's 25 minutes from our son's house, and shopping is convenient. 

After looking at it online in pictures and in a virtual walk through, we thought that it might be worthwhile for Mr. Dreamy to see the house himself to determine if it is as perfect as it looks online. So... he went online, got tickets, arranged for a car rental, arranged for parking at the airport... and off he went. In addition to the dream house Mr Dreamy looked at 5 other houses we had explored online. None of those would work for us... but the dream house was/is perfect.But then reason prevailed. What would make us think that a 5-bedroom house was reasonable? Why would we want a living room, a dining room, an eat-in kitchen, a family room and an office? 

Who would take care of the property while we were off traveling, or living on our lot in Florida. Nah. It didn't add up. So, we gave up our opportunity. 
But, dreaming about living in that house and location was a nice diversion from the pre-sale insanity in which we are living!


  1. For a couple million you could live in this fabulous place! Nothing like down sizing!

  2. Dear Dreaming, I know what you mean about dreaming of just the right house. When I moved here to Missouri in 2009, I made a list of what I wanted in a house--a house I could truly afford on my fixed income budget and on the sale of my home in Minnesota. I was fortunate to find just what I needed. Just the number of rooms, the foyer, the attached garage (I'd never had one), the large kitchen, 3 bedrooms (one for me, one for company and the tv, and one for my office where I do my writing, and finally, a walk-in shower. The house fits me to a T and has become a true home to me. I wish you every success in finding exactly what will work for you and your husband. Peace.

    1. I am glad you found your perfect home. The good thing for us is that we have the RV so we don't need to find a home right away.


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