Friday, July 28, 2017

Twilight Slide Show

On Monday, past, we still did not have a signed contract. To expedite putting the house on the market our Realtor chose to get the photographer to our house to take pictures to use on the MLS listing. The listing was supposed to come out Wednesday. However, we had a contract on Wednesday, nothing went to MLS. We were given a link to a slideshow that had been created with some of the photos that were taken. I am in awe of our house. Is this our house? What fun to see it in this format.

Click HERE to see the virtual tour.

And, don't believe for a second that my house REALLY looks like that. It's amazing what some sort of wonky lens can do! But, I do get a kick out of looking at it!


  1. It's beautiful. Our realtor did the same with our other house that FIL lived in. It looked amazing. Hubs is doing the repaired requested after inspection. Hopeful to close on the 11th.

  2. Evidently the twilight shots are the new thing! We have our inspection on Monday. We are hoping it is only a short list. We also have a tractor and bush hog, a riding lawn mower and round pen panels that might be used for bargaining chips!

  3. Sounds like it has sold, good for you! It is a beautiful I need to declutter mine:)


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