Sunday, July 9, 2017

Countdown - Week 3

We have accomplished so much that my anxiety has begun to decrease. Now, that is truly amazing! Whoohoo! I almost feel like I am on a roller coaster ride; I hopped was thrown on the wild ride in May when we returned from Florida. I felt the pressure as we climbed up to the peak of the ride. Ching-Ching-Ching-Ching. (Can you feel it?!) Now I have reached the peak. I am teetering at the top. The car is about to make the plunge. When it does, it will move on its own free will. There is nothing controlling the free fall....  the car will turn, it will climb, it will loop the loop! It is exhilarating. It is exciting. It is scary as Hell!

This week:
  • the dumpster was delivered. The driver was amazing. He was able to maneuver within inches of trees, gates, fence posts, oh... and me! We have the dumpster for two weeks and at the end of that time our house should almost be ready to go on the market! We are getting close!
  • the new dishwasher came and was installed. We discovered that our original dishwasher was never installed correctly. There was no "air brake" in the hose and that allowed water to run back into the dishwasher when we ran the disposal. No wonder the dishwasher always smelled stunk!

  • we fired our realtor! When we started this adventure, back in May, we interviewed three different realtors. We selected one based on her enthusiasm for selling our house and for helping us get it done. She has been very distant. All of our dealings with her have been initiated by us. We still hadn't signed a contract and she hadn't pushed to get that done. So.... we begin again.
  • I sold both of my saddles. My Tucker went to Texas and I will drop the military police saddle off to a visitor who will be here from Nebraska for a wedding. As I brushed out the saddle pads and girths, Haffie hairs began to fly around. Of course, I was thinking that some of the hairs were Pippin hairs, and I couldn't help but equate the hairs flying around to releasing the ashes of our beloved to the wind. Oh, how I miss that naughty boy!
Shane has finished packing the Tucker.
I took a picture to send to Paige, the saddle's new owner.

Paige sent me a picture of her daughter sitting on the new saddle .
Her horse seems to think the saddle fits just fine!

  • It's really, really, real. Our estate sale is listed online
  • We had movers move things. I met them at my dad's place. They moved some pieces out to their truck.  They moved some pieces from one room to another at Dad's. Furniture was moved into our home and other pieces went out to the barn. We moved some pieces from one place to another in our house. I have things that won't be included in the sale in our bedroom. I have chairs in the bathtub, a bench in front of it and other things are hanging out in the bathroom as well. There is more in the closet. We have extra furniture in rooms that already had their full complement of furniture. 

  • The TCS folks have been here pricing and staging. Every horizontal surface is filled with crap wonderful treasures for someone to buy. We are struggling with finding counter space to make sandwiches! I still have some areas that need to be sorted as we keep moving junk and piling it up. I am hoping it all sells and is gone!!

  • The sales people want the nicest things in the dining room, the overflow of that in the kitchen and the everyday stuff in the pantry. I spent a few hours in the kitchen and pantry rearranging things. So the kitchen no looks like this:

  • The sod is doing well. Of course, we are giving it plenty of water, which means it is growing like a weed. It is a small patch of grass and I find that I have to empty the grass catcher three times in one mowing! It was time to mow the grass again so I did that in-between trips to and from the barn and down and up from the basement.
  • Mr. Dreamy hopped a plane for California. I'll write more about that next week.... maybe!

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  1. You are looking good for the estate sale! I hope you sell everything! :)


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