Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Tale of Two Kitties

My new feral cats were incarcerated for two weeks. At least I'm sure that's how they viewed the experience! I had them locked in the garage part of the barn. I cleaned the litter box and made sure they had food and water each day. Other than the fact that food went in, and food came out in another form, I had no clue that cats were residing in the garage. I saw neither hide nor hair of them. Finally, the day arrived to let them loose. We have a small opening between the garage portion of the barn and the run-in shed of the barn.... and freedom!

I set my wildlife camera up in the run-in shed and lo and behold, I captured kitties. Well, at least images of kitties!
Here's Bob. All but one picture I captured is a picture of Bob. He loves looking through the hole, sleeping half in and half out of the hole, and sitting on the platform outside the hole.

Evidently, he also likes exploring. This silly cat went between the walls.
Do you see him peeking out?
Oh, boy. The little critters that plague me and eat the horse grain 
are in trouble with this guy around!

There were quite a number of shots of Bob sitting in this safe spot.
Here he looks like he actually took a snooze there.

Bob is black.
This is Bob.

This is Not Bob.
Therefore, this must be Dodger.

I published a post when I brought the cats home from the shelter two weeks ago with the only pictures I had of the cats. 

This is Bob

This is Dodger

This is Not Dodger.
This is Not Bob.
Who is this??!!

I have had a mysterious magical cat swap! 


  1. Looks like words out that you have good eats

  2. Your cat population is growing; you must put on a good buffet.

  3. You had a feral cat all along and didn't know it- or did they not give you Dodger and gave you this guy instead?

    1. I took the picture of Dodger at our house, so I definitely had a brown tabby. i guess the next time I need a cat I just need to put food out!

  4. but if the other cat is Dodger, what is the name of this other one?

  5. And now you have three cats...hope they are all fixed:)

    1. The two that I adopted were neutered. I have no clue about the new guy/gal. If he/she sticks around I might borrow a trap from the Feline Fix program and get things checked out.

  6. oh oh.. kittens yet?

    1. Bob and Dodger were both fixed. However that doesn't rule out kittens if Freddie is a 'she' and met another male.


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