Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time Travel

Time travel is now available at the Rochester (NY) International airport.

Now boarding in the concourse.... 

I kid you not. I walked into the terminal on my trip last fall and was immediately transported back in time 50 years.

This "Clock of Nations" was the centerpiece of the Midtown Plaza, the first urban enclosed mall in the US, which opened when I was a "tween". The plaza has just recently been demolished, succumbing to shifts in the population, the popularity of large enclosed malls in suburbia, the downturn in economy and the closing of two anchor department stores. Before the demolition of the plaza began, the clock was moved to the Rochester airport, and will later be installed in the new children's hospital.

The clock has 12 capsules, depicting 12 different nations. On the hour the capsules rotate around the axis, music plays, the doors of the capsules open and the figures for the specific hour move and turn. It is amazing technology for that time, in my opinion!

"Meet you at the clock" was the adage of the day, and I couldn't help but look around to see if I could find my mom! It was great to travel back in time, if only in my memory!


  1. Oh wow! How lucky for the travelers who use Rochester Airport.


  2. Wow ! What fun to see something like that! :)

  3. A children's hospital sounds like a perfect place for The Clock of Nations to go. Very cool!

  4. Super cool! I would want to see all the capsules open. Glad the Clock of Nations will land in such a worthy place. Thanks for sharing!!


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