Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tucker Talks: IJAR

IJAR: It Just Ain't Right! 

Last night Gypsy got a possum. All I got was caught up in a baby Oak tree. You see, it all started when the man and that lady took us for our "pee before bedtime" walk. The lady had Gypsy and the man had me. We were on our detested leashes. Suddenly we smelled a strange smell. Gypsy lunged first, and took the lady by surprise.  Gypsy, weighing in at a measly 40 or so pounds, managed to pull the leash handle out of the lady's hand, and raced into a stand of trees here at Fort Clinch State Park in Florida. I tried to follow her, but the man pulled me back. I lunged again, and that's how my leash got wrapped around the tiny tree. When the lady got into the woods, there was Gypsy standing over a very big, very dead possum. Gypsy looked up at the lady, who looked in disbelief at the possum. The possum lay in an awkward position, its head hanging back, mouth gaping open, and the jaw askew. 

This isn't Gypsy's possum...
but it looked similar to this.

Gypsy was really full of herself for the rest of the walk. That girl has an attitude, I'm telling ya! She was pretty sassy. I was tired of her bragging about the possum. But, then, on our way back to the house on wheels the lady pointed the flashlight at the dead possum.  You guessed it - that old possum pulled one over on Gypsy- he wasn't dead at all! He played possum and fooled that silly dog. I won't let her forget about it any time soon - trust me!


  1. Silly possum! We had a little dog once that had a possum in her mouth, which it turned out was playing dead, too.
    Maybe Gypsy will learn not to count her eggs before they hatch ;)

  2. That was going to be my guess. The ladies here have been fooled before.

  3. Possums are smarter than they look, apparently! :-)

  4. I'm so glad the possum wasn't dead! I'm glad it played a trick on Gypsy. Continued safe travels to you all!

  5. I suspect the 'possum fooled both dogs and both humans! Southern critters are wiley!


  6. Amazing, I've never seen one actually play dead and thought it a myth. Apparently not!

  7. Gypsy is a hunter! Playing possum isn't a myth..interesting:)

  8. Hahaha! I've seen them play 'possum and they are pretty convincing. Aren't those teeth SCARY sharp? But, believe it or not, despite their fierce appearance, 'possums are quiet, nocturnal animals who generally munch on bugs, plants, eggs, small rodents and berries. They are also the only marsupial in the U.S.


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