Friday, January 18, 2013

The Gypsy History Mystery - Solved

I received a special email today. 

Out of the blue.

Gypsy's most recent owner, Larry,  contacted me. Apparently my blog information was sent to him by the wonderful folks in the Wyoming Australian Shepherd Rescue group. Larry wanted to set the record straight on a few things, and gave me the "real deal". It is so wonderful to learn more about our sweet Gypsy's early years.

Gypsy was born in the fall of 2008, as far as Larry recalls. She was born on a cattle ranch in Marquand, MO. Her parents were registered Australian Shepherds. Momma Aussie gave birth to Gypsy and her 6 brothers under a large brush pile. Gypsy's original owners didn't, or couldn't move the brush pile. They were able to capture 5 of the pups, but not Gypsy and her brother. So, the two wile pups did not meet the 'off with their tails' appointment at the vet. Because their tails weren't docked, the original owner couldn't sell them. The puppies were given to another cattle rancher, and they had the run of his farm. He wanted to get rid of Gypsy, and Larry took her in. He also has cattle, and at that time he had an Aussie who had been kicked and was having some difficulty doing his job. Larry took in Gypsy hoping she would produce a replacement for his ailing Aussie, or become interested in helping with the cattle. Gypsy did neither. Larry needed a dog to help him with the cattle, and since Gypsy wouldn't do it, and his other dog couldn't (and later had to be put down), Larry acquired a Border Collie pup. Larry didn't originally intend to give Gypsy up, but the pup would not attend to his job, preferring to hang around Gypsy.
We couldn't be happier with our rescue pup... who has no Cinderella story to tell. We shoulda been able to figure that one out - she's just too darn sweet!


  1. Awww! That is cool how you got some of Gypsy's back story :)
    She sure does seem to sweet to be herding cattle!

  2. Who would want to work when a "life of leisure --- and travel" is possible? Gypsy "ain't" a dumb canine!!!


  3. That's cool that you found out her story. Not all rescue dogs have had a bad life. Gypsy found her true home with you.

  4. Good to know her background. She might need some extra socialization work..I am glad you rescued her:)

  5. I just rehomed a six year old German Shepherd, who I renamed "Lady". Apparently she was with her breeder for 6 years, but the lady had to move to a dogs. A colleague took her and had her for 4 months, but decided a Shepherd wasn't what she wanted. So, she asked at work one day, "Does anybody want a FREE German Shepherd?" Of course I yelled, "I DO!"...we lost our other shepherd last December to canine lupus and both hubby and I missed having a "shadow" follow us around. I also have a black lab, Ripley. Lady is WONDERFUL! She's fully trained and VERY quiet, although she does bark at people who walk by our front yard! We've had her now for 4 months and dearly love her.

  6. What a great story...sweet Gypsy.

    How are things going in Florida?

  7. I love this sweet story! How lovely that Gypsy found her way to you, and how thoughtful of Larry to contact you with her story.


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