Monday, January 14, 2013

ABC's of Me

Here's a challenge I stumbled upon last year. I've filled in my responses. What about you? Are you up to the challenge?

A: Age: 61(I still haven't figured out how I could possibly be this old!)
B: Bed size: King, at home. Queen on the RV.
C. Chore you hate: cleaning bathrooms
D. Dogs: 2 - Tucker, our almost 3 year-old Aussie and Gypsy our adopted 4 year-old Border Collie
E. Essential start to your day: coffee and time on the Internet (although I didn't acquire the coffee habit until after I retired...strange!)
F. Favorite color: for my home; earth colors with some earthy reds thrown in. To wear; deep pink, cranberry.
G. Gold or silver: no preference.
H: Height: 5’4″
I: Instruments that you can play: Ha! I have a learning disability when it comes to music. My last instructor refused to believe me...for a while! I have played (but have forgotten how): recorders (soprano, alto, tenor), guitar, violin, clarinet
J: Job title: retired!!! Before that, Instructional Technology Specialist, Teacher-in-Residence, ADEPT Supervisor (for teacher mentoring and evaluation) and may favorite, Teacher
K: Kids: 2 boys - 24 & 27. Three fuzzy kids; two dogs and one cat.
L: Live: in Parker, CO
M: Mom’s name: Allene
N: Nicknames: Many years ago I was called, "Boing"... my hair was very curly!
O: Overnight hospital stays: two for C sections and the birth of my boys, 1 to correct my uterus so I could have children....obviously, that worked! Oh, and a one-night stay after gall bladder surgery.
P: Pet peeve: poor service at stores, phone calls from people/organizations who have no right to call me.
Q: Quirk: I must have a glass of milk if I eat pancakes.
R: Righty or lefty: righty
S: Sibling: 2, both older.  A sister and a brother
T: Time you wake up: at daylight. (For years I had to be at work at 7 AM. I really did not like getting up in the dark!)
U: Underwear: most definitely, yes - but my bra must be comfortable!
V: Vegetables you dislike: Brussels sprouts
W: What makes you run late: I get distracted and end up doing a dozen things that don't really need to be done right that minute... but...
X: X-rays: recently only teeth. But I did have a CAT scan and a mammogram - does that count?
Y: Yummy food you make: evidently I consider too many things to be yummy, as I've gained a bunch of weight! Today I made a great quiche. Yesterday I served a baked French toast casserole that was  yummy. Last week I did a rack of lamb. Mmmmm... I am learning to love cooking and eating!
Z: Zoo favorite animal: elephants...especially baby elephants. I can watch them for hours.

What about your ABC's? If you care to, complete your own list and post it on your blog. I set this up as a blog hop, so you can click below to connect your blog to this one so folks can hop from post to post. Check out responses from a few other bloggers, leave a comment. How are you alike and different?


  1. What fun! Give me a few days and I'll join in :)

  2. How fun to find out hose tiny you are!! Says all almost 6ft of me!! This was fun, but I will pass this time.

  3. I meant to say how tiny... this new keyboard has me messing up!

  4. I'm older and shorter than you.
    And I don't like Brussels sprouts either - they're my least favorite vegetable.
    And I definitely have to start my day with my coffee and my newspaper.
    My brother always calls me Weasel!
    One day in the future I'll have to try a blog hop, but I'm still working on the basics.
    Happy travels!


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