Monday, January 28, 2013

She Sells Sea Shells....

We stayed at the beach campground during our second week at Fort Clinch State Park in Florida. Sadly, we could not take the fuzzy family members on the beach, so we didn't take too many walks there. We won't tell the Rangers about Tucker's escape and romp on the beach, however!


a petrified alligator! 

Doesn't this piece of driftwood look like a 
dead alligator on it's back?!


  1. I totally understand why you'd rather not romp without your dearest friend. Lovely photos!

  2. Sorry the dogs couldn't join you....they would have loved it. How long are you going to be down there?

  3. First photo is so great! I would have looked twice at that driftwood. Not as much fun if you can't take your "kids" with you on the beach, altho it sounds like Tucker had a little fun of his own *^*

  4. Pretty beach; love the shells! It does look like an alligator, and the piece sticking up looks exactly like a railroad spike (which is weird ;o)

  5. Come to Hunting Island State Park (east of Beaufort) where dogs are welcome --- as long as they are on a leash. Of course, the campsites across the dunes from the beach is reserved for tents only as RVs & trailers need more space than the sites provide. The non-tent campers are assigned spots a row or more away from the ocean. The Oceanside campground has about 100 sites and is open year-round and the rear campground has about 100 sites but is closed during the winter.


  6. Yes that driftwood looked like an alligator! No fun for the dogs at that campground. Tucker escaped..he probably just needed a good run:)


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