Monday, September 17, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider....

This guy surprised me the other day. He was in my closet. I thought it was a bit of stray Australian Shepherd fluff, from 'you-know-who' and I started to reach down to pick it up. Bleech!
I don't mind insects and spiders - if I'm the one going to look for them. But, when they show up and surprise me - I am not a happy camper! I did spray this fellow - or I tried to. He was rather nimble and jumped under the hanging clothes.  I really did not pursue him. So, for three days I made sure I turned on the closet light and looked where I stepped. Today I found his remains. RIP, Dreaming. You can now walk in the closet without worrying!


  1. Spiders can live outside. Inside- they die.

  2. hmmmmm. not to be a stickler or anything, but like in "charlotte's web" dont mama spiders "pass on/meet the spider maker/giant web in the sky" after they lay a large egg sac of...itsy bitsy spiders?

    ("gowestferal dodges a shoe aimed directly at her from Dreaming - same shoe from said closet..."

  3. I don't like insects and icky stuff they make my skin crawl. Paranoia strikes me when I see one at home. They should be outside and not inside our house.
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  4. Wholly crap he was big! I would have passed out!

  5. I gotta admit that I would have put him outside.

  6. Eewww, I hate spiders! And if it was me, that huge, ugly, scary thing would've been drowned in bug spray! Ick! (It could've been poisonous, too. Who knows??)


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