Monday, September 3, 2012

Curiosity On Mars

This is Mama Boots reporting from the Curiosity. 
Can you read me, Houston? 
I've safely deployed from the Curiosity.
I am making my way across the surface of the planet.
I see no dangers. Just some rocks.
There are no mice. 
Maybe the moon would have been a better mission,
with all that green cheese.

Rocks, rocks and more....

C * R * A * S * H

Awww,  Mama Boots, look what you did! 
You poor little kitty.
You got your head stuck in that glass globe I had in the garden. 
I thought it would make an interesting gazing globe.

Gazing globe? Ha! 
It's what is left of my Mars Landing Astrokitty Helmet.
You foolish woman.

Here, let me see if I can get the rim off of your neck. 
You poor, little kitty.
Poor little, Kitty, indeed.
You are talking to the first Catmonaut to walk on Mars!
You are lucky to be talking to me at all.

Oh my, you are lucky you didn't cut yourself.
You could have lost one of your nine lives!

It is only due to my great cunning and skill that
I was able to make it back to the Curiosity.
I held my breath after the helmet broke.
You may touch my paw.

Awww, you sweet thing.
Don't scratch at it, you might cut your paw.
A little wiggle here...
Awww, I'm loving this.
More. More! Pet me some more!
A bit of a tug...

There, it's off.

I haven't found the rest of the globe Astrokitty helmet. 
Maybe there is something to Mama Boot's story!
Indeed! If she only knew.
She of such little faith in us fearless felines. 
Ah, but what I would have given to see her wearing
her Mars Landing Astrokitty Helmet.
Tee hee hee!


  1. Hahaha! What has gotten into the animals these days? Between Mama Boots, Shyloh, and Cookie (the dog who climbed the tree) at Halt, Salute, and. . .blog, I am wondering what is up?
    Sorry your globe broke, but at least Mama Boots gave you a laugh :)

  2. I'm glad it worked out --- your creativeness with the photo was hysterical! Especially because I am here in Houston --- so many people in my family and my friends do work for or with NASA.

    Very cute! Glad you are both okay. And yes, it would have been fun to seem the full outfit!


  3. So glad Mama Boots wasn't hurt.

  4. Yikes!! Pretty sure she used up one of her nine lives...glad it didn't turn out worse.

  5. That could have been a glad all turned out well.

  6. I wonder, was there perhaps a gold fish in that astro helmet to begin with? I'm glad you are OK, Mama Boots, and hope you learned your lesson.

  7. Be happy she broke it herself and you just had to get the ring off. Could you imagin poor Momma Boots if you'd had to swing a hammer at her head?

  8. She puts "curiosity killed the cat" to the test for sure!!! One of the dogs at work got her head in a huge plastic globe. She managed to break one area against something so she could see enough to seek human help. Pit in a bowl we called her for a while! Funny thing was she wasn't paniced at all. Thru the hole she made we could see her smiling Pitty face looking out saying "mmmmm could ya help please.

  9. I cracked up with I saw the first picture! Glad that no one was hurt on this adventure. :-)


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