Sunday, September 9, 2012

Living Life - No Regrets

Have you ever stumbled on something 
that gives you a, "Holy crap!" moment? 

You hear something, 
or read something 
or see something on television 
and are struck by the principles expressed?
You are stopped in your tracks,
perhaps with your mouth hanging open.
The information makes you pause...
and think.

 It happens to me. 
And, when I hear it, or see it, or read it, 
I often think, "I knew that." 
But, that knowledge is so scattered in my brain, 
and covered up with so much other minutiae 
and I haven't taken the time in our hurry-scurry world
to pull the pieces together, 
to dig more deeply into that information,
to find supporting details,
and to comprehend
the overall impact of that knowledge.

Watching the following video was one of those moments for me.
I sat staring at my computer screen
with my mind sifting through what I had heard
and what I had stored away.
I realized that Jane McGonigal,
the speaker, a game programmer,
had helped me wrap up some knowledge
and put a big bow around it.

The video is 19 minutes in length,
so, don't begin it if you don't have the time to watch.
But, do watch it!

It will add 10 years to your life!

Click on the image to watch the video
to watch the video and have access to an interactive transcript of the talk if your preference is reading over viewing.

For me, it's not so much about adding minutes to my life. 
For me, it's about living my life more fully 
and contributing to the lives of others.

My personal quest is to be more conscious about practicing and boosting my physical, mental, social and emotional resilience.

Of those, the area I will need to work most on is the emotional resilience. Although I tend to have a "Pollyanna personality" and look on the bright side of life, I'm not convinced my positive emotions outweigh the negative 3 to 1!

What about you?
Did this present you with an "Ah, ha!" moment?

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