Friday, March 16, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop: Week 4

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I'm glad you came by to share stories and information with us, or to read responses from others on the blog hop.

This has been a busy week for me. I'm not sure if it is because of the time change or because we have had wonderful weather. But I've been hopping all week! How about you? 

In case you are new... or as a reminder:

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Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 4:
  1. Have you ever been a victim of the weather when you were riding, or participating in some other sport?
  2.  If you could take a lesson with anyone in the world, who would that be?
  3. Which season is your favorite?
OK.... and now for my responses:

1. A victim of the weather:  Many years ago I used to ride in a park that was about 5 miles from the barn. I would hack over, enjoy the trails in the park and return. One time my friend and I were caught by a torrential rain storm. We took shelter in a picnic area and waited. We waited some more... and some more. The rain just wasn't stopping. Finally we decided to head home. We trotted as quickly as we could, but we were all drenched; horses, riders and our tack. The funniest thing about our trip home, however, was that my horse kept looking intently ahead, through the rain. This caused him to put his ears forward... and they scooped up the rain. He hated that feeling and would violently shake his head...only to put his ears forward again!
And, here's another weather related story: As a child my family would go skiing every winter weekend. We rented rooms in a house in a small town near the ski area. One Sunday the snow began to fall. When we finally packed up our skis and started home, the highway patrol informed us that the roads were closed. We had to head back to the house and were marooned there for two days. But...we had fun with other ski families who hadn't made it out. We kids had fun jumping out of the 2nd story windows into the snow drifts! Well, most of us had fun. One of the boys hit a chunk of ice and broke his ankle. They had to take him to the hospital on a skimobile as the roads were still snowed in!

2. A lesson with???  I really don't know who would top my list. I think what I'd really like is to have a trainer on 'staff' who could give me pointers whenever I wanted them! I am taking a driving lesson withJeff Morse tomorrow and again on Saturday. You will hear all about it! I'm sure I will be blogging about my experiences.

3. My favorite season? After living in coastal South Carolina for 34 years where one season subtly changes into the next, I find that I am enjoying the changes of the seasons. I am currently enjoying our first spring-like days. I look forward to that first summer day when we enjoy coffee on the porch in the morning, and a glass of wine at night. I adore fall. Those first crisp days and the beauty of the changing leaves. And then....that first storm of winter is always exciting. I love the anticipation of its arrival and the stillness as the snow falls. 

I won't leave a question for you, since I just asked you three of them! But, if you leave a question for us at the bottom of your post or the bottom of your comment, then others can respond to your question and we'll get (at least it's my intention) a blog version of a conversation with each other.


  1. Yay! I have been waiting for the hop! But my post will have to wait til tomorrow :)

  2. how did you pick your horses names?

  3. That's an easy question to answer!
    My son insisted that if I have Haflingers, they need names of Halfings from Lord of the Rings. He told me I could name them Pippin and Merry or Frodo and Sam. One horse was the perfect Pippin. The name just suits him. The other horse was a perfect Sam. But my son said, "Oh no, the Hobbits go together. I couldn't split them up like that." So, trying to get around my sons 'demands' I came up with two choices: Pippin and Meriadoc (Doc for short) or Baggins (Frodo's last name) and Sam. You can see which choice I selected!

    1. That is so cute! I think those are prefect names! Never having met your famous haffies, I can see from your blog how well they fit with your choice :)

  4. Yay! Got joined up this week. I'm glad you're enjoying having seasons. I kind of really love this state for that, even though I'm not really a fan of winter (which we haven't had much of this year).

  5. 1. Got caught in a really bad lightning storm riding on a mountain once.
    2. Axel Stiener, my old mentor. Love that man.
    3. Summer, summer, and summer.

  6. If you are gonna get stranded in bad weather, its good to be stranded with family and friends. Sounds like the extended ski trip was fun (except for the poor kid with the broken ankle). And I bet you got to miss a couple days of school too!

    I'm enjoying the hint of warm weather too. It sorta, kinda, tried to snow a little at my house today, but didn't make it. I wish March would bring some rain and save the snow for winter.

  7. Fun questions! And great answers. :) Sounds like you made the best of the snowed in situation. Poor kid with the broken ankle though. Ouch!

    I'll get mine post asap!


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