Saturday, March 10, 2012

Which Filly?

We have a different sort of challenge for today's writing:
Jenny posted, "Your writing challenge is to write a story in fives. 
Five sentences consisted of five words EACH.
25 words."

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Five sentences. 
Five words in each sentence. 
5 x 5 = 25

So,  I poured my coffee.  
I typed my first line.  
It took off from there. 
I will probably speak in 5-word sentences all day!

She sprinted to the barrel.
Her loose hair swept back.
The wind scrubbed her face.
She moved swift as lightning.
No filly could race faster!


  1. Great action photo too! Your story in five is awesome and funny how once you get rolling in 5's they just keep coming!

  2. A very succinct comment on a lively picture.

  3. Very vivid imagery in your writing...excellent !
    I love the line, 'The wind scrubbed her face'

  4. Such a pretty horse! Is that you doing the fine job of riding? I'd love to be doing that. :)
    Nice 5 X 5 poem too!

  5. I love these! You know I want to use them in my classroom!

  6. That's a tough challenge, good job! I tagged you over on my blog:)

  7. perfect combination of words and photos!

  8. sounds like a lesson plan
    but i dont need one
    i would just rather read
    in an exclusive book club
    the lost saints of tennessee
    (would hate to grade these;)

  9. OOOOOOOooooo! I think I would like to do this. Boy, did you meet the challenge.

  10. great photo, and you really told a great little story!

  11. Wow! Great take on the prompt! Love your photo, too!

  12. Fun! You did a great job. Going to give it a try - rats - 6 words... We'll stick with You did a great job :-D.

  13. Love it! Your horses certainly have personality. Love their pics!~Ames

  14. this is one of my favorites of your prompt responses! It is so succinct, but carries so much energy. Great exercise, and wonderfully executed! Corinna

  15. I like it! Good job. That is a fun challenge.

  16. Look at em go! Nice story and picture combo. And your title, you clever girl! Tee hee. Which indeed? Hmm? Both gals fit the story perfectly.

  17. These five line poems almost have a limerick feel to them!

    I loved this was so incredibly visual in so few words!

    Neat writing.


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