Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Great Catch!

My riding friend, Kristine, 
took this picture of Doc yesterday.

I have NEVER 'caught' Doc in such a regal pose!
He looks like he is thinking deep thoughts.
I love his soft eye.

Kristine took the picture when I was
looking for a tire for Pippin to drag in the arena.

Now I understand.

Doc is thinking...

That look is 'puzzlement'!

He can't understand why his Mrs. Owner 
would be looking for a tire.....

When he can see it, plain as day!
She has a spare tire around her middle!

And heck, doesn't Pippin drag her around the arena?!



  1. Very funny, Doc! Mrs. Owner doesn't make comments about your large hiney....

  2. Awhhh, what a lovely picture! Hope you found that tire, LOL.

  3. Doc looks like she is in a painting! Our mom has a spare tire she carries on her tummy all the time, too. hardy har har:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  4. I love love love that photo of Doc! His eyes are so soft, I wanna hug him!. I want to hear all about how Pippin dragging the tire went.

  5. Beautiful photo..he looks so gentle.
    I read a blog in SD..you may be interested in what Bob writes he is working with a couple horses now..and he has Haffies too:)

  6. That is a frame worthy picture!

  7. Love this shot. The dark background makes it pop.

  8. Beautiful capture! Doc is gorgeous!!

  9. Camryn here:
    Wow, Doc that's like a cover from GQ!! All I can think is "humma, humma"
    Oh, my Mom has one of those spare tires too. She's none to happy bout that!

  10. That horse looks magnificient. Everything for that shot looks perfect...intriguing. It makes you want to soak it and and keep looking.

    And your writing, you are too funny. I've got a spare tire on me at all times as well, but it sure won't get me out of a jam.

    :-) Lana


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