Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dream Home Winner

The announcers were talking excitedly about
the Dream Home giveaway.
I wasn't watching.
I stood around the corner staring out at my driveway.
I was waiting for the HGTV Dream Home crew
to pull in to surprise me.
They didn't.

But, I did win a giveaway in honor of spring!
Amanda from Farmgirl Writes 
let me know that my name was selected
by the random generator... and...
I won!!

Amanda is a home schooled High School senior.
She loves photography
and lives on a farm.

Amanda handcrafted these darling earrings
at a beading party with other home schooled girls. 
I suspect she handcrafted the cute packaging
and note card, too!
She seems to be detail-oriented
and artsy, like that!
If you click on the Farmgirl Writes link
you can see the earrings displayed
beautifully on her site.

They are, indeed, a treasure!

and, as far as the Dream House goes...
I didn't really want to move, anyway.
I love my home!


  1. Congratulations on what you did win.

  2. Congrats! Handmade errings are very unique. Can a gal have too many earrings?


  3. Congrats on winning such beautiful earrings! Hooray for Home schoolers!!!


  4. Aw, you're so sweet! Thank you for the lovely words, and again, I'm so happy you like the earrings!


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