Monday, July 4, 2011

The Project: Week 24 - Almost There

So, it's Sunday evening and I'm trying to figure out just what we did on the project house this week! It's really hard to remember!!

This week we:

  • watched the siding guys strip off the old siding and install the new siding. They still have about a week's worth of work to finish.
  • began to paint the doors. Oh, my... the deep red we chose looks so much better than what was there before!
  • started to caulk the seams in the siding... then the painter showed up... we don't know who is responsible for caulking! We have to wait to talk to Mr. Siding Guy. (Oh, I am so hoping it is their job... I HATE the caulk they provided. It is very, very sticky and I find it very hard to work with.)
  • installed more "Tucker" fencing and a gate. We are almost finished securing a 1/4-1/2 acre space for our pup. We can't wait to 'forget' to close the picket fence gate, and watch Tucker explore his yard - letting him think he has escaped!
  • moved a few pieces of furniture that are just clutter at the existing house.
  • put in a new toilet! How empowering for me to play the role of 'plumber' and get a toilet in all by myself! Woohoo - I feel like quite the woman!!
  • did all kinds of odds and ends: touching up ceiling paint in the master bath, used spacers to move switches out from the tile backsplash in the kitchen, replaced the trim on a few ceiling lights, finished putting in all of the screws in the cement board in the entrance hall, replaced vents for the heating/AC unit, worked in the garden - sprayed for thistle and planted some annuals. 

We have been telling friends that we will move to our new place in 'about two weeks' for almost two months - like I said last week, we are finishing Egypt with the textbook! A few days ago we finally looked at each other and talked about just when we would move. Next weekend we have a few fun things to do that just happen to be near our new home. I commented that it would be great fun to go to those events, and not have to drive ALL the way from, or back to, our existing home. It also happens to be near my Birthday. Soooooo.... we are planning to be in the new house within 5 days!!!!! (We will have some furniture and some clothes and all the assorted odds 'n ends one needs to stay in a place... but most of our stuff will still be at the old house.)

Next week, if I do a post about our project house.... I hope to be able to say that, "This week...  we began sleeping at the new house!"

 Woohoo! I can hardly wait!


  1. That's so exciting! You have worked so hard, and, now, all of your hard work is going to pay off, and you will be able to live in your new house. Congratulations!

  2. Wow. You guys don't mess around. I'm very impressed that you could install a toilet on your own. Your place is going to be spectacular and worthy of a spread in Better Homes and Gardens!

  3. I love that covered porch. One of our old circular toilets broke a few years ago and the plumber installed the cheapest oval toilet he could find. It's already getting rust and lime stains and looks worse than the toilet that was here when we moved in 17 years ago. I've been thinking about replacing that newer toilet myself.

  4. I hope it all falls perfectly and quickly into place of the next 5 days for you...I remember how hard it was waiting to move in while we were building...then waiting on our Cert of Occupancy which came so late in the day we had to wait until Hubbies NEXT set of days off to do the actual move and have beds to sleep in.

    Of course for us ladies all the work does not really START until we are in the new home and have to unpack and decorate it.

    Hope your puppy enjoys his "escape" too.

    Blessings Kelsie

  5. Oh my that sounds great! But what i really liked was the fact that you did the toilet!!!

    Whoohhoo to you!

    Happy 4th of July

  6. You guys are making such progress! Yeah! Hope you get to move in soon. We spent 4 weeks camped out in our garage before our farmhouse was finished. The day before we "moved in" I begged the plumber to install one toilet and one sink! Thank goodness he did. Those were memorable days!

    About the caulk. The painter and I had to caulk our siding ~ all of it. We used Big Stretch caulk and it was great! Twice the money but still no cracks 1 1/2 years later even with the extreme weather here.

    Good luck with everything. Can't believe you have time to blog but glad you are!

  7. 5 days! You are a Wonder Woman!

  8. OMG! you put in a toilet all by yourself? You are the woman! Five'm jealous.
    What a great birthday gift. My brithday was our second move-in date. We no longer have a move-in date. {sigh}


  9. You & the work are simply amazing --- Egypt will soon be yours!! BTW, do you need a Certificate of Occupancy to inhabit the new house? If so, you need to get the inspection scheduled pronto!



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