Sunday, July 17, 2011

Doc's Diatribe: Changes in Latitude...Changes in Attitude

So, things have changed... and I can't decide whether it is good or bad!

First my Mrs. Owner loads us into that awful white box and brings us to this new place. At first we thought we had died and gone to Heaven. The grass was EVERYWHERE! I didn't even have to walk from place to place to find it. All I had to do was sink my head into the deep lusciousness of it.

Then, the rains came. It didn't rain for 40 days and 40 nights, but it might as well have. Our paddock, which no longer had grass in it because, uh, Pippin ate it all, turned into a quagmire of mud. I thought my feet were going to turn into puddles of gelatinous stuff themselves.

Our Mrs. Owner has begun to turn us out two times a day. Yes, I said 2, as in T - W - O!! That is ever so much better than before. In the morning she lets us go into the BIG paddock. Do you see the white square in the picture? The picture is kinda fuzzy on account of it was taken from space, says my Mrs. Owner. But, the white square near the top is the barn. Just to the right of the barn, coming out at the middle of the white square, you can see a tiny white line going to the right - that's a fence.  It doesn't look that tiny when I'm standing next to it! That is the front fence of the paddock mud pit. My Mrs. Owner put a fence in the back to make a small paddock for us. In the morning she opens a gate at the back of the mud pit and me and the pipsqueak can graze in the area you see behind and to the left side of the barn... all the way to the green blobs, which are really, actually trees. We can't go in front of the barn on account of there is a gate there that blocks us from running into the driveway in front of the barn. 

This picture shows the fence at the back of the mud pit and the gate that my Mrs. Owner uses to let us out into the big paddock. The white fence in the background is the back fence you can actually see from the picture taken from space. 

Next my Mrs. Owner tricks us into coming back into the mud pit. She pretends like she is going to feed us lots of good stuff. She starts with a yummy tasting apple treat and in her sweet voice, tells us to come with her.  That pipsqueak, Pippin, falls for it just about every time and follows her like a puppy dog. Sometimes there is the tiniest bit of hay in there. 

Just about every day my Mrs. Owner ties us up and actually makes us do something. I guess if I had to chose between standing around in a dry lot or doing something, I'd chose doing something. This morning I got to wear the black spaghetti stuff and Pippin got to pretend he was a cow pony. 

I think I got the easy job since my silly Mrs. Owner seemed to have forgotten to hook up the cart! We walked around, aimlessly, then came back and she tied me up again. The Pipsqueak actually had to put up with my Mrs. Owner on his back! Ha, ha on him! He had to go around and around and around in the round paddock, then he had to walk up and down the hill in the pasture. 

Oh, and speaking of pasture. That's the absitively, posolutely best part of the day. In the evening, just as things are cooling down a bit, our Mrs. Owner opens the gate to the pasture Heaven. There's a gate in the white fence to the right of the barn. In the picture from space you can see our pasture Heaven. It is all of the part of the picture on the right... and MORE! We get to graze to our hearts content for about two hours. So, two times a day.... two hours - hay, that's four! I know my math!


  1. Sorry to hear about the mud pit, but the rest does sound rather lovely if you are horse...I hope you continue to enjoy your new home.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Yeah for grazing! You and Pippin look handsome in your costumes !

  3. It sounds to me, Mr. Doc, like there's a lot more good than bad about your new place. Just think of all the work Mr. and Mrs. Owner did to make that nice place for you. And all the work she does to keep you happy. You look very handsome in your harness, and Pippen does too, in his fancy Western saddle. I think that horses are lucky. At most, they only have to work about an hour a day.

  4. You and Pippin are lookin' good. Your piece of Heaven on earth is a great place for a couple of happy Haffie guys like yourselves. Enjoy!

  5. Camryn here: Wow, I am way jealous. Not only that you have such a big pasture-dining area, but that you get 4 whole hours of dining green stuff daily. I'm up to an hour SIGH

  6. Sounds like the perfect life for two equine. Even the mud isn't too bad in small amounts. Apache's farrier often tells me to soak Apache's feet in water before he arrives, because her feet are too dry and hard. A little mud would be like a spa moisturizing hoof treatment :)


  7. Your new place looks very nice, and you both look so cute all dressed up.

  8. Life is tough --- NOT! Just notice how humorous Mrs. Owner is. Can't you remember her bad moods, which weren't too far in the past?


  9. Looks like a nice set up when the weather cooperates.

    We'd kill for a bit of that mud. We have huge cracks in the earth, it's so dry.

  10. Being tied and tricked is a small price to pay for heaven!

    Both of you are looking good.


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