Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tucker Talks: Bird Dog

Ya know, I'm an Australian Shepherd. But I've never been to Australian... or whatever that is! I'm supposed to herd things. But the lady who feeds me seems to get annoyed when I try to tell her where to go, and she won't get me a sheeps to herd.

What I love doing best is chasing birds! Maybe I'm not a shepherd... maybe I'm a bird dog. I bet I could learn to point if I had some lessons! Do you think not having a tail would be a problem in learning how to point? Whatever, I know I could be the bestest bird dog. When the lady that feeds me opens the door I run out as fast as I can to try to catch the silly flying things before they get out of reach. And I'm pretty darn good at it, too. Last year I got two Robins. Ok, so maybe the one that flew into the window and was stunned shouldn't really count. This year I've nabbed two pigeons - right out of the air! Ha! Try that!! They were in our new barn and were trying to fly out the door. The lady that feeds me made me drop them and they flew away. Well, the feathers are kinda hard to handle anyway! They stick to the roof of my mouth.

This morning ... 

There it goes... it's a bird... a very tiny bird.
Did you see it?

It's up there...
by the window!

Now it's over there... 

Got it!

What do you mean ... 
it wasn't a bird?
It flies...


  1. Tucker, shepherd or bird dog, you are unbelievably cute. What a face. I hope you got that flying thing, even if it wasn't a bird.

  2. Tucker, maybe you should learn the agility game flyball....just sayin'... you'd probably be great at it!

  3. Eww Tucker. Did it taste just like chicken? You and Bella are like minded.


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