Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I Love My Haflingers - Reason #24

Today has not been a good day.  throb--throb--throb--  The tooth is killing me and Aleve just takes the edge off, and only for a few hours. You are only supposed to throb--throb--throb--  take 3 of them a day.  I found some Tylenol with Codeine and self prescribed it last night - so I did sleep, but it takes me until noon throb--throb--throb-- to shake that stuff off.  Then, things got worse all afternoon. THROB--THROB--THROB

The Realtor came to take pictures of our former house. We had to get down there in the morning (hubby drove and I slept!) to do some more clean up, sorting and organizing. We worked there for 5 - 6 hours. Got home, throb--throb--throb-- feeling really, really, really cruddy. Made it out to the paddock to let the boys out to pasture and managed to clean that up. I got their dinner ready. 

So, why do I LOVE my Haffies? As the sun begins to set in the west (how poetic is that?!) they  seem to know that it is time to come in from the lush, wonderful grass. I have been giving them a treat when I catch them and bring them in from the field. For almost a week now, the boys have begun to move closer to the paddock as their grazing time is up. 

Here they come... up the hill.
Hey, wait a minute, Doc... you are going the wrong way!

Yesterday, and today, I didn't have to go after 
them with halter and lead rope...
When I went outside, Pippin (the food hog) walked into the paddock.

He comes to get his treat, with Doc bringing up the rear.

Pippin makes his way into the shed and begins 
munching his measly dinner.

Doc comes for his treat,

Then he, too, heads for the shed.

So the boys have settled into their routine and have become used to their 'sub-standard' housing. They are sharing the shed. They get a tiny bit of hay in the evening in a feed bin just beyond Doc. They have their small sample of 'feed' in a tub on the ground. Yeah, occasionally they have issues - Pippin usually is the one that gets picked on - but for the most part, life is good, and I LOVE my Haffies! (Especially when they make my life so easy!)


  1. Do something three times...

    I just whistle and mine come but it took a lot of treating to get there. My sisters have them so spoiled all the have to do is show up with a pan of peelings, like apple or pear. They run to them.

    Knot was spoiled to Marcy bringing apple peels from the lunch room, a wal mart bag is never safe and Marcy has been retired five years. Every walmart bag in the pick up will be removed and inspected if Knot is close by.

  2. I thought you were going to say you love your haffies because they are just so cute and so pretty!

    Don't you just love that horses are creatures of habit? I try to mix it up around here, because for a while I was putting Apache in the barn at night every night.
    So, now sometimes I keep her in the smaller paddock at night and other times I let her out into the larger paddock at night. But wouldn't you know it? Every evening when I go up to feed her dinner, she wants to go into the barn...even when I place her hay in her small paddock, she will walk right past me into the barn and stand there, waiting. lol!

    So sorry about your poor mouth hurting. Ouch!
    Hope you can get that treated soon and feel better,


  3. I love it when my herds come when I call - off the grass - in our case usually at a full gallop, led by Dawn! Hope the tooth problem gets fixed quickly - that really hurts!

  4. Good boys, and, very easy keepers! I hope that your tooth gets fixed quickly. There isn't anything worse than a toothache. Well, there is, but it doesn't seem so when you're suffering through one.

  5. Ouch for your tooth. Been there done that. Haffies, so what's not to love!!! The boys look very happy with their new digs. Of course being you're there with them, how could they not?

  6. Horses do love a routine, what a blessing for us! Sorry to hear about your tooth, hope you get it fixed soon.

  7. Youch!! So very sorry about your tooth pain!!
    But so happy that even with all the "throbbing," your boys can put a smile on your face.
    Hope your tooth situation gets fixed soon - no more throbbing!

  8. Good boys! I love that shot of Doc's pretty face.

  9. You gotta love that! (The haffies, not the tooth)

    Hope the pain subsides soon.

  10. I haven't read the "retraction" post yet, so I'll post here about the good boys. They are adorable. I love Doc's face. It's so nice when they come in on their own like that. Misty and SaraJane surprise me sometimes. I call them. They ignore me. I sigh and walk into the barn to get halter and lead rope. Then surprise! I hear Misty's thundering hoofbeats and as they both come running in from the pasture. Now...I will read your retraction.

  11. There is nothing wrong with that sub-standard housing! It looks great to me. Sorry you have been experiencing such pain. Ouch.


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